Jan Novotný


This is my most complex personal project so far. The goal was to prove myself and potential client that I am able to create character from the first sketch to the final game ready asset. I also made animations as you can see in the live preview below.

It is a Public Privacy unit from the world which I have been developing for some time. Moreover, there are concepts of some interiors in the concept art section below.


The first is live preview of a 3D model. Please be patient because of high resolution of textures. The size of the whole project with an animation is about 55MB. This can crash on older devices. Other renders are from Blender. At the end of the column is a figure which I made as a base for the final character.

Used Software:

Zbrush, 3Ds max, Blender, Marvelous Designer, Substance painter

Iray render from Substance Painter

Base anatomy model

Concept Art

I painted the selected police unit i in Photoshop. The last sketch should be advanced suite for main character.

Apparat unit

Lvl -2

Lvl -1

Lvl -3

Apparat unit sketch

Unused soldier

Main character